Create a Class Newsletter Easily

I have always wanted to create a newsletter for my class but I found the task ardent and a bit time consuming.  I just moved schools and the administrator in charge of getting information out to staff uses for our weekly newsletter. I liked the way it looked so I checked out the site.  I found that it was EASY from sign up to creation.  After I created a template and I simply duplicate it for a new week and change the information.

It literally takes me 10-15 mins to update for upcoming week.  Here’s a link to my class smore for this week.  You will see that I put information about what we will be doing in class and any videos that I think will support student learning.  I upload it to my our edmodo page so students can see what’s going on.

What I like about it is that if my Dance I classes are doing something different then my Dance II-III classes then I can put all of it on one page versus creating 1 for each class.  Give it a try!

Check out my Medrano Dance Newsletter!


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