Flip Class…Is it right for you?

Read this great article discussing 5 pros and 5 cons of a flip class.

I find that not all the cons relate to us in dance since we don’t teach a State tested subject (in Texas for now).

I can’t help but think though that once I get this whole flip class thing down, I’ll actually save my feet, knees and back from the wear and tear from the repetition of teaching choreography.  It’s taking me some time to record myself teaching a phrase of choreography, editing and uploading it to YouTube, but I know that by Thursday of this week my students will be using this video to review versus me having to physically review with all 7 classes all day long.  =)  At this point I become a source of information compared to the only way to get answers to questions.

Plus the way I see it, I am documenting my choreography so next year my Dance I students can learn what I recorded this year.  =)


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