The Flip Side of a Flip Classroom

A flip class is not the easiest thing to set up with new students, and in my case I moved (high school to middle school) schools so none of my students have any real experience with a flip class. For the first 6 weeks I have worked to get  all my students signed up for Edmodo and accustomed to studying vocab, reflecting on their performance, or to rehearsing  choreography, with little to no success. Today I found myself lecturing every single class about the need to get online to review the choreography I taught this week and it actually made me second guess this whole flip class thing. I mean I grilled each class about their need to practice at home, I showed them what dance homework looks like in terms of reviewing choreography, and I reminded them that after this first 6 weeks they would be responsible for learning basic information or choreography at home so that we can do more in class. They all looked at me with that glazed, lost look in there eyes and I seriously left work this afternoon feeling like it just won’t work. Ugh. 😦

BUT…it has paid off!!  I have a little over 150 students in my dance program and as of 11:06 pm I have 135  students signed up and actively responding to an assignment and video posted. That’s HUGE considering I only had about 60 total this morning. This is AWESOME!

 I’m  posting this because a flip class isn’t easy to set up and the class culture has to reinforce the importance of student responsibility. Teachers have to be committed to his concept and the time it takes to make it work. Students have to trust that you will do your part and expect them to do their part. It will take time but it’ll be worth it in the end. Don’t give up. Set high expectations and regardless of age, experience, education or socioeconomic factors children will rise to those expectations. 


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