Tap Video Choreography Project

Tap Video Choreography Project Click on the link to view an example!

So with the start of the new semester I wanted to introduce my new students to the technology aspect of my classroom.  I decided to start with tap.  This was the first time I had done that and it was actually a great success.  I usually start with Jazz or Hip Hop, but I think from here on out I’ll start with tap.   I think that there’s something about the fact that it’s not too difficult to do a shuffle, they get to wear dance shoes that are unisex, they don’t have to dress out, and our warm-up doesn’t require them do be in any type of uncomfortable positions.  They all had fun making sounds with their feet and working with their peers while I got them to create an edited video with a short piece of original  choreography they created using the movement I taught them.  =)  It really was a win win!!

So for one week I focused on a basic introduction to tap dance (brief history, shoe fitting, shoe discussion, warm-up) and I taught them how to do a shuffle.  The second week I taught them a few variations of the shuffle (shuffle hop, shuffle step, shuffle toe dig, shuffle ball change, etc…), and then broke them into groups and had them create a short phrase of movement using movements from the warm-up and shuffle variations.

The focus here though was to introduce the use of the iPads.  The end result would be that they record their phrase with iPad, edit it using iMovie and then AirDrop it for a grade.  We started off small though.  I recorded myself doing all the shuffle variations so they could use the videos as references when they were working in their groups.  I then had them practice recording their feet in class.  I gave them 2 days to record, and then we sat down as a class so they could edit their movie as I walked them thru the various tools in iMovie.

This project took 2 weeks total and every group turned in a project.  I’m including one of the videos submitted.  I was actually impressed with all of my groups.  For only working with them for a few days and then letting them work together to create a phrase they did pretty good I think.  Keep in mind I work in an inner city school where these kids come with no dance experience.  =)


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