29 Free eLearning Tools

As I continue to talk to teachers about what I do in the classroom I continue my search for free online resources.  I came across this blog.  These are free demos of eLearning programs, but way I figure if a teacher came across one they liked maybe they could go to their principal or curriculum coordinator to talk to them about purchasing it for their department.

I recently purchased Prezi.  Ok, I actually signed up for the 2 week free demo but before I knew it the 2 weeks was over and I was charged the yearly fee.  It’s totally okay with me since I use it weekly (in this case, I created 3 Prezis), and what’s great about Prezi is that you can search other already created ones so you don’t always have to create new ones if you find one you like over the topic you are going to be talking about.  I used one about the history of hip hop today.  I did tweak it a bit and added videos of my choice, but over the info was there so I didn’t have to spend a whole lot of time inputting it.  The problem with programs like Prezi though is that it is costly.  I wish districts would pay for school subscriptions.  In fact, if I ever were an administrator or director I would really try to get access to things like this for my teachers.  Prezi is easy to use, easy to manipulate, interesting for students to watch, and best of all online.  I can log onto Prezi from any computer and pull up my presentation on any computer.  There’s no need to carry around a USB, upload to the cloud, email it, or lug my personal laptop around.

So, for all you out there interested in experimenting with eLearning programs, try these demos.  I have already started playing around with a couple that I will be implementing next year.  Happy eLearning!




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