Teaching Survey Reflection

This morning I received a survey sent to me by the district that asked a lot of questions about what got me into teaching, why I taught, why I selected the district I teach in, why I chose the school I teach at, and why I was leaving teaching.  Since my husband and I have decided to move to Austin at the end of this academic school year, I have decided to try to get out of education and move into the corporate world.  I am really into e-Learning, virtual learning, and my dream job would include working in an HR division with on boarding or training staff by creating virtual training materials.  However, in my hopes to transition out of education I have found that although educators are extremely talented the jobs we do can often be overlooked as minuscule in comparison to jobs done in the business sector.  I have applied to many e-Learning Specialist, Education Specialist, Implementation Specialist, Education Coordinator, or Onboarding Specialist positions and what I have been told is that my experience is inadequate.  Given the fact that over the past 11 years I have been creating curriculum, planning, modify, and executing lessons for learners of all levels and abilities, using the newest forms of technology to assist in their learning, staying abreast of the latest trends in teaching and learning, I find it hard to believe that my experience is inadequate.  Yes, it may not be in business sector but it is definitely teaching based and can be applied to all learners regardless of age and subject. I feel like the strengths I posses as an educator: organization, creativeness, effectiveness, my ability to multitask, communication skills, research skills, evaluation skills, data analysis skills, desire to continue learning, technology skills, curriculum development, lesson planning, project management, ability to work with various personalities (students/teachers/administrators), ability to collaborate, work ethic, and so much are often overlooked simply because I have the title of “teacher”.  I wish people would really see how much power that word really holds and how much work really goes into what we do as teacher.

Any company who hires a teacher would be hiring a hard working individual who never gives up, is able to go with the flow, adjusts with circumstances, understands the importance of getting the job done, can handle pressure, and can work in a fast paced work environment.  Teachers are relentless, fierce, powerful, fearless, and bold.


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